Installing Artificial Grass

'How to lay artificial grass the easy way'

Our fitting guide to the perfect money and time saving fake grass lawn will have you out in the garden in no time!

STEP 1: of how to lay artificial grass onto CONCRETE/TARMAC - Calculate/ work out the area you are wanting to turf. There are many ways to do this though, we reccommend - measure to the widest part of you garden to the longest. MAKE A NOTE OF THESE MEASUREMENTS.

(E.g 6m - 7m)

STEP 2: of how to lay artificial grass onto CONCRETE/TARMAC - Use a blank piece of graph paper. This will help you calculate how many rolls of artificial grass you may need.

(Our rolls come in 4M widths and any length up to 30M)

STEP 3: of how to install artificial grass onto CONCRETE/TARMAC - Once happy with the measurements and the amount of artificial grass needed, pick your perfect fake grass product HERE, and if you become stuck, ring us as we will be more than happy to help. 01613680909

STEP 1: of how to lay artificial grass onto SOIL - For optimum results we recommend you should lay your artificial grass on a 35mm layer of compacted sharp sand. To keep your lawn level it may be advisable to remove an equivalent amount of topsoil.

SMALL AREAS: Use the back of a brush or rake to spread the sand equally.

LARGE AREAS: Use a vibrating plate compactor. They can be hired from equipment higher companies easily and efficiently.

STEP 2: of how to lay artificial grass onto SOIL - A GEOTECH MEMBRANE should then be placed on top of the sand and nailed around the edges. Overlap areas to cover ALL sanded areas.

STEP 3: (OPTIONAL IF USING 2 OR MORE GRASS CARPETS) - If you have 2 or more joints within your artificial grass carpets then jointing tape must be placed underneath the 2 pieces, running a strip from one edge to the other. Adhesive must be placed on the tape preferably to get a better dispersion of glue either side. This turns the 2 or more pieces into one big grass carpet.

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Great for my two Labs. I can let them out all year without having to make the effort of cutting/ maintaining it. So much easier

Holly Cross, Stockport

Advantages of artificial grass

Range of uses includes

Why artificial Grass?

No Mud, no mess. All our grasses hold a 5 year warranty that will guarantee you a money saving experience for at least 20 years.

No more mowing the lawn or buying grass seed to get that luscious, green pristine lawn you've always wanted.

All the grasses are child and pet friendly and have been tested to European standards. So if you're worried about the colour fading, your mind can be put at ease as the grasses are weather proof throughout the year and have been U.V tested.

Perfect Green Grass all year round.

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